About brooms

  1. Sorghum Material used: Sorghum or so-called by Japanese as broom corn, planted by farmers and villagers, including hill-tribers.

    Sorghum has distinguished features, different from normal Thai-grass brooms. It has no pollen, is very long-lasting, can be used on all kinds of floor, depending on its cleaning or functional use, and will not be easily broken or torn.

    Dyestuff is non-toxic, The company is also experimenting to dye sorghum with natural dyes.

  2. Product which saves environment and energy, and gives work to local people

    Besides, a broom is a cultural heritage of Thailand, and other Asian countries. It is also the product which saves environment, energy and gives work to local people in many ways:

    We can preserve traditional craftmanship skill and keep our cultural heritage: brooms are traditional cleaning tools which reflects lifestyle of Thai and Asian people, while craftwork is culture-bound. We can strengthen and keep improving the craftmanship of our workers by always creating new designs and techniques

    We create employment opportunity in the rural area, especially for minority groups and hill-tribers. Our factory is located out of town or city of Chiangrai, a province in the top north. In the past, many young women in the area had been seduced to be prostitutes.

    Our brooms save environment as they have no pollen coming out like other local brooms made of wild grass, with high cleaning capacity: they can be used on all kinds of floor surface: wooden, pargue, marble, cemented, carpeted, etc. with different purposes: for indoor and outdoor cleaning, sweeping or cleaning on a table, bed, furniture, car seats, shoes, computer keyboards, etc. without using a vacuum or any electricity energy.

  3. Types of brooms & purposes

    Variety of brooms and brushes are offered:

    Color: Original (natural color), bleached, and dyed (14 colors: yellow, light green, emerald green, navy blue, purple , pink, red, bright orange, orange brown, coco brown, and dark brown. Black is also available; however, the cost of dying is higher than others. Dyestuffs are non-toxic, and some are made from natural plants.
    Hair: Soft hair for indoor and outdoor use (good for wooden, pargue, marble, tiles ,and other smooth surface. hard hair for outdoor use (good for cemented, carpeted, and rough floor, including lawn , garage, and garden) Both soft and hard hair can be trimmed (cut edge or end of the brooms and brushes fibre) or untrimmed. Soft untrimmed brushes will be good for cleaning small cornors or channels such as shelves, cabinets, car fronts, air conditioners, computer keyboards,etc.
    Handle: Natural bamboo, natural black bamboo, rubber or parawood, hard wood i.e. pine, poplar, etc, wild wood and crafted handle. Also, handles can be covered with clear or transparent, and colored plastic. Painted and coated handles are also available with higher cost.
  4. Sizes of brooms and brushes

    Mini brush: 8 -15 cm.
    Handy brush: 16 – 28 cm.
    Medium brush: 29 – 45 cm.
    Large brush: 46 – 60 cm.
    Hearth brush: 61 – 80 cm.
    Short-handle broom: 81- 110 cm.
    Long-handle broom: 120 – 140 cm.
    *Sizes can be adjusted to respond to a customer’s needs